What Can You Expect From a Disability Support Worker

What to Expect From an NDIS Disability Support Worker | Avocadocare first

Support, care, and sustenance are the common words associated with a disability support worker. Here at Avocadocare, as an excellent NDIS provider, we understand your personal goals. Hence, we’ve listed below the roles and responsibilities of a disability support worker. Assisting you with day to day essentials like food preparation Home tasks for your personal […]

Core Support Services: How Avocadocare Can Help You with NDIS Core Support Services

ndis core supports

Getting daily tasks done around the house can be challenging for people living with disabilities. NDIS core support services are designed to provide you with the day-to-day assistance you need, while allowing you to independently live in a safe and pleasant environment. However, some families and caregivers, as well as persons living with disability are […]

Learn More About the NDIS Respite Accommodation Services You Deserve

NDIS respite accommodation

NDIS respite accommodation makes it easier for people with disabilities to be self-sufficient and reach their full potential in a safe and supportive environment. NDIS respite services and assistance are designed to help persons with disabilities, families, and caregivers sustain stable home life and caregiver connections. Caregivers can take a short break from their regular […]

Feeling PawSome: Disability Care with the Help of Pets

disability care

Have you imagined a world without those cute little dogs or very loud chirping birds? A world where there is none other than human beings walking along the streets and making themselves busy with everyday life without the presence of animals around them.  For most of us who live alone, we look for company when […]