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What is NDIS Physiotherapy Services?

Avocadocare provides physiotherapy services under the NDIS. Physiotherapy is covered by the NDIS under Core Support or Capacity Building Support, depending on your needs and objectives. Physiotherapy aids in the management of pain, the improvement of range of motion, rehabilitation, and the treatment of certain conditions. Physiotherapy is also classified as Therapeutic Support where there are several ways to incorporate ndis physiotherapy services into your NDIS plan.

How do Physiotherapy and Disability Works?

Physiotherapy and disability are inherently connected. Physiotherapy can benefit disabled persons in a variety of ways, not just athletes or sports injuries. Physiotherapists assist people with disabilities in overcoming physical limitations, but it is also beneficial to allow them to participate in exercises that they enjoy and somehow benefit.

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Is NDIS Physiotherapy Home Care Services Available?

Avocadocare’s services are available depending on your needs. Especially If the participant needs Physiotherapy but is unable to visit a facility, we can arrange Physiotherapy home care services. We provide individual skill training at home. We listen, we care, and we support. Talk to us about the support you need, we will listen.

Does Avocadocare Support Physiotherapy for Physically Disabled?

Avocadocare offers physiotherapy for physically disabled people. We have physiotherapists who specialize in working with people who are disabled.
Our Physiotherapists can assist people with disabilities in a variety of ways. From pain management to assist them in moving around on their own, from teaching them how to ride a bike to assisting them in sports, and from prescribing assistive equipment. We also have Occupational Therapy Services for disabled person.
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Avocadocare Provides Home Care Physiotherapy Service

Avocadocare provides individual skill training at home which includes home care physiotherapy service. This involves conducting an assessment on how the participant moves around in their daily life. Our physiotherapists will design a program depending on your needs and goals. For people with disabilities, these assessments and training programs are done at home.

Do Online Physiotherapy Services Exist?

Online physiotherapy services exist in the form of online video consultations. While face-to-face Physiotherapy is ideal, we understand that there are situations wherein it is not immediately possible. This service, however, is only available depending on your situation. Our physiotherapists may decide that a face-to-face consultation and training are necessary.

Get the Right Support

Feel free to contact us for any question you may have about our disability services. Together, we can find the level of care and support that is best for you! Get in touch today to get started.

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