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NDIS respite accommodation

NDIS respite accommodation makes it easier for people with disabilities to be self-sufficient and reach their full potential in a safe and supportive environment.

NDIS respite services and assistance are designed to help persons with disabilities, families, and caregivers sustain stable home life and caregiver connections. Caregivers can take a short break from their regular duties during respite.

Shared & Supported Accommodation

Shared and supported accommodation offers a participatory living environment that is perfectly suitable for two to five persons. In order to establish a pleasant environment and promote healthy interactions and relationships, housemates are carefully selected. In-home expert support workers and specialists offer assistance and ensure that residents receive the best possible care.

You can rent a house, unit, or apartment from an owner and live with people who may or may not have disabilities, live with friends, or shared accommodation support and respite services.

Short Term Accommodation

NDIS approved respite care, typically considered as short-term accommodation, allows family members or caregivers to take a rest from their routine.

Guests are welcome to stay for a day, an overnight, a weekend, or several weeks. Accommodation can be for a scheduled respite or an unexpected visit, and they can be regular or irregular.

Emergency respite can be available for caregivers who are unexpectedly unable to do their care role, for instance, if you need to go to the hospital.

Medium-Term Accommodation

Medium-Term Shelter is provided in instances where you require temporary housing before settling into a permanent resident status or arrangement.

Medium-Term Shelter is often used for durations of up to 90 days. Participants who remain in Medium-Term Shelter are responsible for paying for their own meals and daily living expenses out of their own budget, rather than through the NDIS Respite Accommodation plan. Individual participants can receive this assistance item if they follow the rules outlined in the Price Guide. It will help you live independently while you are in Medium-Term Shelter until your permanent housing is available.

NDIS respite accommodation
Paying for Respite

You may have to pay for disability respite services privately if you do not qualify for NDIS respite services assistance from your local municipality. This is referred to as self-funding. 

Even if you pay for your own respite care, you should still have a caregiver’s assessment. The person that you are caring for may also have to pay for their respite care.

Your well-fare is the main focus. It should manage the preparations and assist you in getting to your respite services with the assistance of your support coordinator and designated support workers.

AvocadoCare Ndis Respite Accommodation Services

We give family and friends caring for loved ones with disabilities with temporary, short, or medium-term respite, as well as emergency respite. Our disability respite services give the family caregiver with much-needed relief or a break, which is helpful to their social, health, and well-being. Participants can engage in various activities that allow people to interact based on personal interests during their time with us.

Speak with us, and we’ll walk you through your options!

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