NDIS Core Support Services

In order to be an NDIS provider, we processed our NDIS provider registration with the commitment to serve the individuals in our community who need high-level of physical, mental, social and emotional support and assistance. Avocadocare is here to provide you with the following NDIS Core Supports:

Avocadocare is an NDIS core support services provider of low-maintenance front yard landscaping and maintenance. There are guidelines on what the NDIS Core Supports will fund in terms of yard and lawn maintenance. If you have funding approved for Core Support, you can spend part of its allocated budget on yard maintenance. We are one of the NDIS service providers in Melbourne that values the importance of clean and beautiful surroundings for people with physical, mental, emotional and social disabilities.

Avocadocare, the leading NDIS service provider in Melbourne, gives assistance with domestic chores. The Core Supports in NDIS that we offer are different household services such as cleaning, dishwashing, clothes washing, fresh linen, and ironing. We provide NDIS support for essential cleaning including yard maintenance.

Avocadocare provides accommodation support and respite services. Our accommodation support comes with caring assistance that may include meal planning and cooking, nutrition as well as taking medication. As a devoted NDIS service provider, we make sure that you have a safe and stress-free stay with us.

It is vital to enhance the learning disabilities and social skills of people with learning challenges. As your trusted NDIS provider in Melbourne, we help in improving social skills for students with learning disabilities as they work toward independence.

Under the Core Support category, Avocadocare, one of the most notable NDIS providers in Melbourne, provides transportation services for disabled adults and children. Getting from point A to point B can be complicated for people with disabilities. Avocadocare provides specialized transport services disabled. As a participant of NDIS in Melbourne, you are in good hands with Avocadocare!

Social and Community Participation funding is most likely to cover costs associated with getting to and participating in activities rather than the costs of the activities themselves. From the NDIS provider list in VIC, Avocadocare delivers quality support services for NDIS participants.

Avocadocare: The Best Answer to Your NDIS Provider Finder Search

Avocadocare: The Best Answer to Your NDIS Provider Finder Search 

We are a disability support services provider in Melbourne that is established out of our genuine love and care for elderly and people with disabilities. From our collective team efforts and 100% level of professionalism, Avocadocare strives to be recognised as the best NDIS provider near you!