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What Can You Expect From a Disability Support Worker

What to Expect From an NDIS Disability Support Worker | Avocadocare first

Support, care, and sustenance are the common words associated with a disability support worker. Here at Avocadocare, as an excellent NDIS provider, we understand your personal goals. Hence, we’ve listed below the roles and responsibilities of a disability support worker.

  • Assisting you with day to day essentials like food preparation
  • Home tasks for your personal care such as grooming.
  • Household chores to upkeep your home.
  • Medicine administration for your health care.
  • Visiting doctors for your regular checkups and necessary laboratory tests
  • Supermarket errands for your grocer needs
  • Finance organisation for your overall budget management
  • Accessing community services to help you maintain social activities.
  • Meeting friends to assist you in communicating with your close contacts.
  • Providing overall emotional care to support you and make you feel loved.

Disability Support Services in Victoria

Here are other important things you would expect from our disability support services Victoria. Since we care, we support, we do more than the essentials needed for our participants. Our services include capacity building supports, therapeutic supports, support coordination, and psychosocial recovery coach.

For our capacity building support, we provide accommodation. We firmly believe that maintaining social life helps a lot in healing. Having a supportive network provides belonging and you will never feel alone. This is greatly helpful for your mental well-being. Getting some social interaction during these arranged outings increases your level of confidence.

Aside from tenancy and accommodation, we provide counselling. We’ve got a team of skilled and experienced physiotherapists, psychologists, occupational therapists and speech pathologists. Seek assistance whenever the need for some therapy arises.

Our support coordination is reliable from the first level to the third level. Level 1 is support connection, level 2 is support coordination and level 3 is specialist support coordination. With this support coordination, you’re guaranteed that your NDIS provider is helping you with your plans and connecting you to a broader network.

Also, we offer exceptional psychosocial recovery coaching. We take pride in our recovery coaches for their approachability in assisting those who are undergoing psychosocial problems. Our recovery coaches dedicatedly work together with participants, their loved ones, and their caregivers. In this way, participants can manage the complications of their daily lives and help them reach a more fulfilling and productive existence.

What to Expect From an NDIS Disability Support Worker | Avocadocare second

We Are the NDIS Provider You Can Count On

To further extend our support for participants. We guarantee that our disability support workers possess caring and supportive personalities. They’re patient, understanding, compassionate, capable in working with physically demanding and tiring jobs. In addition, they’re fully committed in helping disabled individuals to live a decorous living for they accept the responsibility to make them live a dignified life. Hence, connecting with a dedicated and supportive NDIS provider like us will bring every participant heaps of lovely experiences.

Approach our friendly staff by dialing 0412360825 or send us a message at info@avocadocare.com.au We’re open from Monday – Friday:  9am to 5pm.

Always remember, here at Avocadocare, the satisfaction of our clients is at the top of our list.

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