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NDIS Therapeutic Supports

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Occupational Therapy Services

NDIS Therapeutic Supports, Intellectual and developmental disability is characterised by substantial inadequacy in intellectual function and adaptive behavior as portrayed through perceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills.
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Speech Pathology

Avocadocare’s online speech pathology services wipeout transportation concerns and permit you to get speech pathology services from home. Alongside this, Avocadocare offers telehealth services in response to one’s safety or busy schedule.

Physiotherapy Services

Avocadocare provides physiotherapy services under the NDIS. Physiotherapy is covered by the NDIS under Core Support or Capacity Building Support, depending on your needs and objectives.
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Counselling Services

Counselling is a kind of conversational therapy that permits individuals to discuss their issues and sentiments in a confidential and encouraging setting.

Avocadocare: The Best Answer to Your NDIS Provider Finder Search

We are a disability support services provider in Melbourne that is established out of our genuine love and care for elderly and people with disabilities. From our collective team efforts and 100% level of professionalism, Avocadocare strives to be recognised as the best NDIS provider near you!
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