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Supported Independent Living

Shared independent living services for disabled individuals of AvocadoCare

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Supported Independent Living

what the NDIS calls the supports a person needs for their tasks around the home. It’s for the things we do every day, including personal care, like showering and dressing. Before the NDIS, this may have previously been known as shared supported accommodation.
Avocadocare SIL services are available across Victoria and in key areas of Adelaide.
At Avocadocare we see you and your potential. We listen to you, we care for you and work with you and your support network to create a plan that best suits your needs and lifestyle goals. Avocadocare also offers Counselling Services.

What is Supported Independent Living?

Supported Independent Living are the supports you need for your tasks around the home.
It’s for the things you do every day, like:
SIL support focuses on developing your skills to help you live as independently as possible and there are a number of ways you can receive SIL supports. SIL doesn’t cover rent, groceries, transport, or utility costs like gas and electricity.
With Avocadocare’s SIL supports, you have the opportunity to live in a friendly and caring environment, where your voice is heard and respected.
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Supported Independent Living Ndis | Avocado Care

The Supported Independent Living Process

1. Contact the NDIS & explain your goals & needs
2. Receive accommodation funding
3. Explore housing solutions
4. Source accommodation
5. Move in and receive SIL supports.

Get the Right Support

Feel free to contact us for any question you may have about our disability services. Together, we can find the level of care and support that is best for you! Get in touch today to get started.

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