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G.I.F.T.E.D Things Needed for Taking Care of Disabled People

disability support services

“I am sorry, I didn’t mean to…”

Some of us might have experienced difficulty with regards to properly expressing our love to those gifted people that we know of. There might be times when we feel confused and burdened. We always think that everything we do is for our loved ones’ betterment. And eventually, we tend to become overprotective that sometimes we unconsciously neglect their feelings

In this kind of situation where we feel that we are at a dead-end and we do not know what to do for our gifted loved ones, we should remember that we should remember G.I.F.T.E.D. These are just simple things you can do in providing such of a disability home support:

  • The Golden Rule


Sometimes, we fail to remember the golden rule which is “do not do unto others what you do not want others do unto you”. We should always empathize with the feelings of our gifted loved ones because it is difficult enough for them to go through their lives. Whenever you are about to do something, ask yourself, “if it were me, would I be happy with it, and am I not going to be offended?”


  • Improve the Atmosphere In Your Home


A home should be the safest and most comfortable place for gifted people to be themselves. For most gifted people, the “outside world” is deadly and frightening thus they tend to lock themselves inside their houses. But what would be their life if they aspired to safe space turned to have barriers and became fearsome? We don’t want to lose connection and bond with our gifted loved ones. 

  • Full access to the “outside world”


Not because we see the environment outside the four corners of our houses as a threat to the lives of gifted people, we are going to isolate or let them spend their lives trapped inside; there is always a light in the dark. We might not be able to change the perspective of others who are not in favor of our gifted loved ones, but we can change our own mindset. We can always believe that our gifted loved ones deserve to live a life safe from all the critics and fall in love with the beauty of the outside world. 

  • Treat them fairly and equally


Indeed, gifted ones should be prioritized, but we should be clear about the special treatment that we give them. We should remember that treating them, especially, does not equate to isolating them from the usual things like making decisions for themselves and enjoying what should be a “normal” life. 

disability support services

  • Embrace them for who they are


As we see it, being gifted means that they lack something from the stereotypical normal man, but it is not. Gifted people may seem to lack something physically and/or mentally but in reality, they don’t really differ from us. At the end of the day, we are all humans who have feelings, and opinions. Yes, they require special attention and needs, but aren’t we all? We all have our times when we need the most loving care we can have because life is no plain rainbow with only a pot of gold, the road to the end is full of colors that bring different situations. Thus, we need them in our lives as much as they need us because together, we are all we have. Thus, we need them in our lives as much as they need us because together, we are all we have. 

  • Do your study and learn more about them


Aside from knowing their scientific and medical standings with regards to their situation, we should also be aware of their all-in-all being. It is very important that we take into consideration their way of thinking. Sometimes, even the closest person can be farther from us in a way that we know their names and basic information, but we don’t know what is inside their minds and hearts. Above everything mentioned, connecting and forming bonds between us and our gifted loved ones is the most crucial thing to make things better and avoid conflicts in our lives. 


It’s normal to feel anxious and to get confused sometimes because, with this, we can be more mindful of the things that we should avoid so that we can be dearly happy with our gifted loved ones. Providing our own kind of ways of disability support services can be learned and can start from our own homes.


For as gifted as our dear ones can be, we should keep in mind what G.I.F.T.E.D is for them to feel that we are always ready to have or set a support coordination that they need.  As long as we are equipped with G.I.F.T.E.D, we are better saying, “I am sorry, I didn’t mean to…but don’t worry because we are gifted together”.

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