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Feeling PawSome: Disability Care with the Help of Pets

disability care

Have you imagined a world without those cute little dogs or very loud chirping birds? A world where there is none other than human beings walking along the streets and making themselves busy with everyday life without the presence of animals around them. 

For most of us who live alone, we look for company when we get home, right? It is without a doubt that whenever we are going home from a stressful job, we are looking for the warmth of our homes. We can’t deny that if we have our own pets, we are too excited to go home imagining their wagging tails or loud sounds. 

And as much as we need these awesome creatures, people of special needs are also probably included in the list of who wants and really needs to have it. From the tiny little birds to the largest yet cute-looking dogs, gifted people are in dire need of them. They are who we call paw-some (paw and awesome) beings that make gifted people the happiest. They are not just pets, but they can also be a health service provider.

Here are some of the benefits of these paw-some beings giving disability support services to those gifted people;

1. People with Unstable Blood Pressure and Arthritis

  • Arthritis causes inflammation in joints which results in constriction of arteries then hinders the blood flow of oxygen to the muscles. The limited and hindered flow leads to increased blood pressure, which can be a major problem for arthritis patients because there will be a 50% higher risk of heart attacks. Pets have a soothing and calming aura in which when it is in your lap, you talk and nestle it lovingly. They help you ease your worries that you eventually forget them. Isn’t it just awesome!

2. People with cognitive impairment

Pets are natural beings that even with just an idea of them make us care for them. Their companionship brings forth gifted people of cognitive impairment the responsibility and assurance that they can care for others and they are not just a sole burden. Pets have this natural temperament to play and exercise which is also good for the owner.

3. People with visual impairment

It is a fact that most of the pets (which are commonly dogs) become not just the companion but also the guide of their owner. Aside from its positive outcome to humans, they can also be trained to assist us. There are cases where people who are visually impaired do not want to go out with their stand sticks or anyone because they don’t feel safe enough. With the presence and ability of these paws-some beings, people with visual disabilities feel assurance and are fonder of going out for a stroll.

disability care

Staying at home or going out for gifted people is a struggle because, for most, they easily lose their confidence. Even with the companionship of another human being, they don’t feel secure enough. Fortunately that the world is beautiful and it has other living things which even though they are also disabled in a way that they don’t really speak, we can communicate with them. It’s because of these paw-some creatures that the world is better for not just the able-bodied people but also for those gifted. What an awesome adventure it is with pets!

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