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Occupational Therapy

Avocadocare is your partner in building self-esteem and confidence.

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Avocadocare Occupational Therapy Activities for Intellectual Disability

Intellectual and developmental disability is characterized by substantial inadequacy in intellectual function and adaptive behavior as portrayed through perceptual, social, and practical adaptive skills. Avocadocare delivers occupational therapy activities for intellectual disability, autism, acquired brain injury among clients that need considerable intervention. Through Avocadocare occupational therapy  services, the factors that limit an individual’s occupational performance are being assessed and prioritized.

Avocadocare Occupational Therapy Assessments for Intellectual Disability

Avocadocare renders occupational therapy assessments for intellectual disability, autism, acquired brain injury. We also offer Speech Pathology Services.
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Avocadocare Intellectual Disability Occupational Therapy Process

Comparable with the process of assessment, intellectual disability, autism, acquired brain injury occupational therapy for people with occupational needs is also an ongoing process that is both progressive and dynamic. Avocadocare administers treatments throughout the period of existence in keeping with the client’s shifting demands, aspirations, and preferences in all areas of life.

Avocadocare Occupational Therapy for Adults with Developmental Disabilities

Avocadocare occupational therapy for adults with developmental disabilities is precisely and purposely tailored for the clients regarding the level and form of support needed in addition to the context. Therapy sessions may incorporate direct conduct accompanied by environmental adjustments, supervision, monitoring, and counseling (involving the family, the educational staff, the clinical staff, employers, etc.).

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Avocadocare Occupational Therapy Interventions for Intellectual Disability

Avocadocare occupational therapy interventions for intellectual disability requires recurrent exercise and practice to accomplish internalization and grasp understanding, and action in a range of backgrounds to enable generalization. With high regard to the assessment, the intervention is carried out in the client’s various daily environments. This enables and reassures the client’s involvement in the many contexts of his/her life.

Avocadocare Occupational Therapy Services for Adults with Learning Disabilities

Occupational therapy services for adults with learning disabilities delivered by Avocadocare begin with an evaluation which is a significant factor of the multidisciplinary assessment process. The purpose of this evaluation is to track the areas of strengths and weaknesses of a person with learning disabilities in carrying out different activities and occupations and examining the assignment these individuals ought to do.

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