Feeling PawSome: Disability Care with the Help of Pets

disability care

Have you imagined a world without those cute little dogs or very loud chirping birds? A world where there is none other than human beings walking along the streets and making themselves busy with everyday life without the presence of animals around them.  For most of us who live alone, we look for company when […]

Significant Role of NDIS Support Coordination

ndis support coordination

Applying for an NDIS plan can be a complicated process. NDIS Support Coordination will work with you to maximize your plan so you can take full advantage of your funded support. They will also assist participants in understanding and using the NDIS plan. Support Coordinators are typically enthusiastic and accommodating specialists who are passionately committed […]

Getting to know About NDIS Recovery Coach

getting to know about ndis recovery coach main

Psychosocial Recovery Services is a cutting-edge method of assisting persons with psychosocial disabilities. It blends recovery-oriented practice concepts with coaching principles in order to help people achieve a higher level and strengthen their ability to regulate their lives. Recovery entails being able to live a life that is both purposeful and meaningful. A ndis recovery […]

What You Should Know About Respite Care and the NDIS

What You Should Know About Respite Care and the NDIS Main

One of Avocado Care’s frequently asked questions (FAQs) is whether the NDIS supports respite care services or not. The answer is Yes, it is possible! When it comes to respite care services, there are a lot of misconceptions about how the NDIS operates. Respite care can be included in an NDIS Plan if it is […]

Everything You Need To Know About NDIS Support Coordination

ndis support coordination

NDIS Support Coordination provides you the ability to maximize the disability and support services available to you to pursue your goals, become more self-sufficient, improve your skills, and get more involved in your community and workplace. Avocado Care provides all three levels of support coordination that can be included in your plan: Support connection – […]