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Respite Care

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Respite Meaning | Avocado Care

What is Respite Care and Accommodation Support?

Avocadocare provides accommodation support and respite care services. Our accommodation support comes with caring assistance that may include meal planning and cooking, nutrition as well as taking medication. Our Services provide temporary, short, or medium-term, and emergency respite to carers of people with disability or with significant or permanent support needs.

Does Avocadocare Provides NDIS Approved Respite Care in Melbourne?

Avocadocare provides NDIS approved respite care. NDIS recognizes that carers are the greatest advocates for people with disabilities and they provide care that could otherwise be provided by paid support workers. We define respite as a vital moment for both participants and carers to recharge and break out of their regular routine.

There are government-funded programs specifically for carers but NDIS participants may also use their funds to facilitate short term respite care. Our respite services allow carers to take some time off to better manage their own health and wellbeing. It also provides an opportunity to expose participants to different activities that are good for their social development skills.

Respite Meaning | Avocado Care
Respite Home Care | Avocado Care

What are Disability Respite Services?

Health care providers can take a pause from their caring responsibilities with the help of Avocadocare’s services. Aside from scheduled reprieve, we also offer emergency respite, in-home respite care, respite care for elderly and a comfortable respite centre. For whatever reason, our respite and accommodation services can be arranged to help care workers and others, whether on a casual, regular, or emergency basis. We put a better picture when you think about respite’s meaning.



Where are Care & Respite Support Services Available?

Our care & respite support services are available in the suburbs of the City of Brimbank and the City of Moreland. Our properties are all close to public transportation, shopping centers, and schools. All of our properties have WiFi internet connectivity, including NETFLIX. Subscribing to our newsletter will keep you up to date on new locations. Availing our services provide you the following advantages:
In Home Respite Care | Avocado Care
Define Respite | Avocado Care

Does Avocadocare Provide Elder Care Respite Services?

Avocadocare specialising in respite care for people with disabilities under the NDIS, but all of our services are also accessible with external providers. If you require government funding for elder respite care services, you can look for providers on the My Aged Care website. We can be the answer for your long time search for a reliable “elderly respite care near me”.

People with disabilities who reach the age of 65 after becoming NDIS participants have the option of keeping their NDIS plan or switching to a different plan.

Does Avocadocare Provide Family Respite Services?

Avocadocare delivers family respite services. Residential respite care allows families of people with disabilities to take a rest from caring for their loved ones. Aside from scheduled respite, we also aim to provide the best respite service. For some other reason, our respite and accommodation services can be arranged to assist caregivers and participants, whether on a casual, regular, or emergency basis. Avocadocare also caters Learning Disabilities Social Skills.

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