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Transport Assistance

Avocadocare provides transport services to access the places you like.

NDIS Transport Funding | Avocado Care

Does Avocadocare Provide NDIS Transport Services?

Under the Core Support category, Avocadocare provides NDIS transport services in Australia for disabled adults and children. Getting from point A to point B can be complicated for people with disabilities. Avocadocare provides specialized disability transport services suitable for your designated NDIS transport funding. Our team is skilled to provide assistance and support to make trips easier for you

Are There Transport Services for Disability-Related Needs?

Avocadocare provides disability transport services in Melbourne for developmentally disabled adults. As one of Australia’s NDIS transport providers, we are equipped to assist people with disabilities, and our staff is skilled to provide whatever assistance is needed to make your NDIS transport more convenient. It is also a way to have more in-depth participation in the community. For our participants, we provide a safe and comfortable environment.

NDIS Transport Services | Avocado Care



Disability Transport Services | Avocado Care

Convenient Transport in NDIS

Under the Core Support category, Avocadocare offers transportation services for people with disabilities. We are an NDIS transport provider in Australia that provides whatever special support you may need to prepare for the trip and while on the road. Our caretakers are trained to support the needs of our participants at home or during short trips outside. Let us know what kind of support you will need to prepare for and while on the road. We would be happy to offer support as one of the most reliable NDIS transport agencies in Australia.

What are Transportation Services for the Elderly and Disabled?

Transportation services for the elderly and disabled frequently necessitate more than standard taxi services. Avocadocare’s transportation services are designed to meet the unique needs of the elderly and differently-abled. This includes not only wheelchair or other assistive equipment provisions, but also driver training to communicate, assist, and adjust to the needs of the customer. As a committed Australian NDIS transport provider, we are committed to bringing a holistic approach with all your transportation needs

Transport Services For Disability | Avocado Care
Transport Ndis | Avocado Care

Are There Any Disability Transportation Services Near Me?

Nearby, there are disability transportation services near me. Except for Western Australia, Avocadocare provides transportation services in all states and territories. Make sure to contact us to see if transportation service is available at the time you need it. We also have support services available if one is not available for you. We listen, we care, and we provide assistance as one of your competent NDIS transport providers in Melbourne. We also offer Capability Building Supports.

Get the Right Support

Feel free to contact us for any question you may have about our disability services. Together, we can find the level of care and support that is best for you! Get in touch today to get started.

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