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Significant Role of NDIS Support Coordination

ndis support coordination

Applying for an NDIS plan can be a complicated process. NDIS Support Coordination will work with you to maximize your plan so you can take full advantage of your funded support. They will also assist participants in understanding and using the NDIS plan. Support Coordinators are typically enthusiastic and accommodating specialists who are passionately committed to ensuring that people receive the best possible care. All types of participants can benefit from having a Support Coordinator NDIS.

What to expect from the Support Coordinator?

  • The support coordinator should respect you and communicate with you in your preferred communication manner.
  • Your support coordinator may assist you in making decisions by explaining them into more understandable bits of information that are easier to understand or by providing you with a variety of options.
  • Support coordinators ensure that you have full control and options.
  • They should encourage you to make your own decisions and should never make them for you.
  • Support coordinators should stay up to date on the NDIS process and procedure implemented by the NDIS Commission.
  • Support coordinators NDIS ensure you are receiving safe and quality support.


Participants and Support Coordinators can work collaboratively to identify which services and objectives are most beneficial to them and manage expectations.

Roles and Responsibility of NDIS Support Coordination

  • Funded Support coordinators help support you in meeting your goals.
  • They assist in comprehending and implementing the NDIS plan.
  • Make the most of your funded support.
  • Access community and mainstream services
  • Decide when you want to access support and services and how much you want to pay for these.
  • Specify what solutions are available to help participants deal with a crisis.
  • Assist you with your service contracts and registrations.
  • Connect with people in your life such as family and carers to help you achieve your goal with your providers 
  • Support coordinators will assist you in resolving problems in your support community, which could include legal services or health care.
  • Support Coordinators will help you learn the skills needed to do this on your own.
  • Build your ability to become more independent 
  • They assist you in planning to prepare for your plan review.
ndis support coordination

Professional Relationship

Support coordinators are actively focused on ensuring that you have access to the support you need.

The Support Coordinator role is important in advising participants on which services are best for them and assisting them in prioritizing their time to accomplish goals that are most important to them.

Local Experience

The participant needs to know what is available to them in their own local area if they want to take full advantage of their community support.

As a Support Coordinator, you should have full knowledge of the disability and community sectors in the locations where you work, as well as the quality of the service in relevant fields, so you can give better advice to participants and fulfill their specific needs.

Support Design

The NDIS Support Coordination system creates and designs support solutions to assist participants in achieving their goals.

Participants’ skills, abilities, and confidence are assessed by the Support Coordinator, who then assists them in determining what they want and what to anticipate from support services.

Participants have full control.

It is a participant’s legal right to have full control of the planning process. Support coordinators are there to help you understand and use the NDIS plan, guide you to achieve your goals. They shall actively encourage making good decisions, listen to what they have to say, and assist them in achieving what they require by connecting them to the correct persons and agencies.

AvocadoCare Provides Support Coordination

AvocadoCare support coordinators are all professional and competent in social work, counseling, psychology, and mental health, and they work incredibly hard to ensure that participants get the most out of their NDIS plan.  AvocadoCare Truly Helps, Talk to Us, and We Will Listen.

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