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Everything You Need To Know About NDIS Support Coordination

ndis support coordination

NDIS Support Coordination provides you the ability to maximize the disability and support services available to you to pursue your goals, become more self-sufficient, improve your skills, and get more involved in your community and workplace.

Avocado Care provides all three levels of support coordination that can be included in your plan:

Support connection – This support is designed to help you connect with informal, community, and funded resources so you can get the most out of your plan and achieve your goals.

NDIS support coordination – coordination of supports: This support is designed to help you develop the abilities you’ll need to comprehend, implement, and use your NDIS Plan. A support coordinator will work with you to ensure that you receive a variety of services to help you maintain connections, manage service delivery duties, live more independently, and participate in your community.

Specialist support coordination – This is a higher level of support coordination for people who require specialized support. A Specialist Support Coordinator will work with you to overcome barriers in your support environment and ensure that services are delivered consistently. They are qualified and experienced practitioners. Depending on your needs, they may be an Occupational Therapist, Psychologist, or Social Worker.

Funding for NDIS Support Coordination depends on your individual goals, plan objectives, and aspirations.

Here are some of the assistance you may receive under support coordination:

Assist you to understand, implement, and use your NDIS Plan.

Support you to build skills and guide your life as well as connect you to providers.

Help in negotiating with providers and coordinate with the available services covered by your plan.

Manage schedules and make sure service bookings are completed.

Build your ability to maintain control of your plan.

Help you coordinate and access the available disability and support services from your local community.

Assist you in planning and preparing for your plan review.

Help you maximize your plan to get the most out of your funded support.

Coordinate with your circle of support (family, carers, friends, therapists, service providers, and community and mainstream support, such as doctors) to meet the goals of your unique NDIS plan.

You can find registered NDIS Support Coordination providers located near you using the Provider Finder tool in place. NDIA publishes a list of registered providers every three months.

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You may also ask the assistance of your Local Area Coordinator (LAC), or Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) Partner to find and connect with a support coordinator. The planner, LAC or ECEI partner will provide plan information to your support coordinator so they can understand your plan and assist you in pursuing your goals.

If you are on a self-managed plan, you can still get funding for support coordination. If it is reasonable and necessary to add support coordination to your plan, NDIS will pay you directly for support coordination funding. You can discuss with your planner, LAC, or ECEI Coordinator what your plan management options are and the differences between them.

You also have the option to include Support Coordination in your plan with the intent to learn how to do it on your own.

NDIA implemented short term changes to help NDIS participants and their families manage the impact of COVID-19. Support Coordination can now be accessed using your core support budget if you don’t have it in your current plan. We provide all levels of Support Coordination and our team of Support Coordinators are all trained and qualified to assist you with your coordination needs.

Avocado Care is an NDIS provider of all levels of Support Coordination Services in Victoria. We also provide support services in other states and territories. Please contact us if you, or anyone you know, would like to know more about our Support Coordination Services.

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