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Core Support Budget: Disability and Support Services

Core Support Budget Disability and Support Services Main

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) has 3 main categories for its disability and support services budget: Core, Capacity Building, and Capital.

Let us take a closer look at the services available where you can use your Core Support Budget. You can use your Core Supports budget for your everyday activities, disability-related needs and services you may need to work on your NDIS goals. It is the most flexible out of the three types of budgets.

Here are the services funded by NDIS under Core – Assistance with Daily Life:

Core – Daily Personal Activities 

Any service you may require to help with your day to day activities fall into this category of disability and support services. This may include assistance with your daily needs like personal hygiene, eating and drinking, attending appointments. High Intensity Care may be needed depending on the needs of the participant. This category also covers living arrangement support including respite and training to build ability to autonomous self care.

Assistance with Self Care Activities

  1. Assistance with Self Care Activities – Night-Time Sleepover Support 
  2. Assistance from Live-in Carer Assistance with Personal Domestic Activities
  3. On-Call Overnight Monitoring 

High Intensity Daily Personal Activities

  1. Assistance with Self Care Activities
  2. Specialized Home Based Assistance for a Child 

Assistance with household tasks

  1. Assistance with Household Tasks 
  2. Linen Service 
  3. Preparation and delivery of meals 

Assistance with Daily Life Tasks in a Group or Shared Living Arrangement

  1. Assistance in Shared Living Arrangements – Supported Independent Living 
  2. Short Term Accommodation and Assistance (including the provision of respite care)
  3. Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)
  4. Residential Aged Care 
  5. Other living arrangements 

Visit our website to see our accommodation and disability support services. Our respite services are in The City of Brim bank suburbs and City of Moreland.

Individualized Living Options

  1. Exploration and Design 
  2. Support Model
Core Support Budget Disability and Support Services Second

Self-Management Capacity Building

Disability Related Health Supports 

  1. Nursing
  2. Therapy-related health supports


Core – Transport

Transport is covered when it is necessary and the need is directly related to your disability. The services are then divided based on where you will use the Transport Service for.

  1. General Transport
  2. Specialized Transport 


Core – Consumables

Consumables are items that you may need related to managing your disability. This may include Continence and Home Enteral Nutrition (HEN) products.

Core – Assistance with Social, Economic and Community Participation 

This category covers the support you may need related to your goals to participate in social activities.

If you don’t have a specific event to attend or you are looking for a safe place to start, Avocado Care also conducts Social Outings where people with disabilities can socialize in a safe and supported environment. 

Assistance to Access Community, Social and Recreational Activities 

  1. Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities
  2. Participation in Community, Social and Civic Activities – High Intensity Supports Community, Social and Recreational Activities

Group and Centre Based Activities 

  1. Group and Centre Based Activities – Standard 
  2. Group and Centre Based Activities – High Intensity 

Supports in Employment 

  1. Specialized Supported Employment

Transitional Arrangements for Community and Centre Based Group Activities 

  1. Community Based Group Activities – Standard
  2. Centre Based Group Activities – Standard Community Based Group Activities – High Intensity
  3. Centre Based Group Activities – High Intensity

Avocado Care is an NDIS provider of disability support services. We provide disability and support services in Victoria and other states and territories. Contact us to see the services we provide and available locations.

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