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Respite Care Services in Victoria: How AvocadoCare Can Help You With NDIS Short-Term Accommodation

accommodation support and respite services

As an NDIS support provider, AvocadoCare understands that caregivers also need to take a break. They also need to take care of themselves to ensure that they are well and healthy enough to provide care to the NDIS participants in their custody. Accommodation support and respite services in Victoria are provided to support not just the participants living with disabilities, but their families and caregivers, too.

In this blog, we discuss about AvocadoCare’s short-term accommodation support and respite services and how we can help you search for the best NDIS accommodation properties in Victoria.

What is Short-Term Accommodation or Respite Care?

Accommodation support and respite services are also known as short-term accommodation and assistance. It is one of the home and living supports available for NDIS participants.

As a leading provider of NDIS disability support services in Victoria, AvocadoCare consistently prioritizes participant’s safety and daily needs. In order to offer full-service NDIS core support services, we also provide short-term accommodation or respite care, alongside supported independent living, and therapy.

accommodation support and respite services

AvocadoCare's Available NDIS Accommodation Services in Victoria

Respite care services, private rental, shared accommodation, short-term and medium-term accommodations are some of the accommodation services in Victoria that we offer. AvocadoCare also has services for people living with disabilities and shared supported accommodation in Victoria.

AvocadoCare’s respite services are offered in safe and comfortable properties in the City of Brimbank suburbs, as well as in the City of Moreland. All of our properties are ideally located near public transportation, commercial malls, and institutions. Furthermore, our properties have WiFi internet access. Participants can even enjoy watching shows and movies via NETFLIX.

However, if you prefer accommodation or respite outside these cities or if you need longer-term accommodation, feel free to contact us. We will help you find the best accommodation property and help you choose from your options. You can opt for shared supported accommodation and private respite accommodation. You may also rent a house or apartment from a property owner. Depending on your preference, you can stay in a property alone or share a house with others.

You are in control of the support you want or need. You can include personal care assistance, behavior support, specialized health needs support, and general housekeeping including daily chores assistance in your NDIS plan. In general, our short-term accommodation assistance staff are well-trained to support you with everything you need, helping you enjoy your accommodation.

Specialized Respite Services for the Elderly

AvocadoCare also provides NDIS respite accommodation for the elderly. Our services are also accessible to external providers. If you prefer government funding for elder respite disability services and support, you may check for providers on the My Aged Care website.

People with disabilities who are 65 years old after participating in the NDIS have the choice of continuing their current plan or shifting to a new one. Talk to AvocadoCare to get expert support and advice.

AvocadoCare: We Support, Listen, and Care

As an NDIS-approved respite care provider, AvocadoCare gives you the opportunity to live in a welcoming and supportive community where you are valued and appreciated. We are known for providing suitable first-class support services for people with disabilities and mental conditions across all states, with the exception of Western Australia. Moreover, our respite care services help carers manage their health and well-being.

Join the AvocadoCare family now! Call us at  0412-360-825 or 0385-965-343 to learn more about the ways we can help you. You may also leave us a message through our contact form.

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