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NDIS Yard Maintenance and Gardening Services: Beneficial for People with Disabilities

yard maintenance

Yard maintenance is an important part of keeping your home pleasant, whether you rent or own the house. Gardening, lawn maintenance for people with disabilities may need cautious and creative planning to meet each person’s unique capabilities. It is vital to have a safe place for physical welfare and fun gardening.

Gardening, lawn, and yard maintenance is a beneficial, engaging, and fun activity that everyone can enjoy. Learn more about services available to help you with maintaining your yard.

NDIS Yard Maintenance

The NDIS allocates funding for lawn and yard maintenance, home maintenance, and cleaning services. However, NDIS is funded only if suitable, essential, and directly related to your condition. NDIS aims to support and assist you to be independent. If you prefer to handle your lawn and maintain the yard yourself, notify your service provider.


Avocado Care is an NDIS provider of yard maintenance. If you have Core Support funds, you can use some of them for yard maintenance.


The NDIS Core Support Services intended to help people with disabilities with everyday tasks to live as independently as possible. Below is the category that may include maintenance support:

  • Mowing lawns
  • Trimming hedges 
  • Weed control
  • Mulching and planting
  • Digging, planting, and sowing

Benefits of Gardening for People with Disabilities:

  • It is a great physical activity
  • Participating in groups helps improve communication and social skills
  • It is a good form of relaxation, relieves stress, and it is also good for your well-being
  • Improved motor skills boost physical abilities.
  • It’s an opportunity to learn about the surroundings and nature.
  • Gardening helps you to become more confident
  • Gardening helps to learn about healthy food.
  • Gardening instills a sense of accountability and caring in you.
  • It is a great way to enjoy life, and it is a wonderful recreational activity.
yard maintenance

Residential Services

If your disability demands help and assistance to maintain your home and garden, it can be distressing. The NDIS can provide funding for support with home maintenance, which comes under the Core Supports budget in your plan. The support is included in your goals if the chores you require are reasonable and necessary and enable you to live a normal life.

Yard Maintenance for Seniors

For seniors, gardening, lawn maintenance can be challenging and tiring. It can cause pain and discomfort as well. Moreover, seniors suffer from hip and knee difficulties that make gardening difficult for them to enjoy. But that doesn’t mean gardening is no fun for older people, and they neglect their garden. Seniors can get help in maintaining their yard and can obtain services that may include lawn mowing services and gardening tasks.


Avocado Care helps older people maintain their lawns.

Avocado Care is an NDIS provider but also accepts private funding for our services.

Avocado Care can help.

Maintaining a yard can be difficult for people with disabilities, but it is more convenient for you with the help of your service provider. We will support you fully to maintain a healthy and safe environment.

Avocado Care provides yard maintenance and gardening services for people with disabilities.

Let Avocado Care do the task for you.

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