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Knowing Blind People’s Lives: Getting Into the Light

supported independent living

Most of us probably tried imagining how life is as a blind. When we close our eyes and then see only the spacious darkness, we think of it as what blind people see. 

We are often curious about things like, how do they know the varieties of colors right?

But did you know that there are a lot of misconceptions about the life of a blind? And with the help of different support services available for people with disabilities, this can be improved and corrected? Let’s find out some! 

  1. Heightened sense of hearing

– Hearing is the basic and fundamental sense for blind people. People who are blind do not have senses with superpowers. We sighted people often assume that blind people have a heightened sense of hearing beyond the usual but in fact, they do not have. Blind people simply rely more on their sense of hearing to navigate and know about their surroundings.

  1. Dreaming when asleep

-Most of us are probably curious if blind people dream when they are asleep, and guess what, yes they do! Just like how sighted people dream with their active senses, a blind man dreams too. According to a study, individuals who lost their sight at a later stage claim that they dream with images that they have seen when they can still see, but then it eventually fades. Blind people dream through the use of their hearing and feeling senses, though they can’t really see images.

  1. Blind people do not only see darkness

– Most sighted people tend to think that what blind people can only see is darkness. However, this is not true. There are different types of sight loss and various reasons for blindness. There are cases where blind individuals can see large things but their vision is out of focus while some see colors. And what if an individual was born blind? It is a fact that those who are born blind may or may not see darkness at all because they don’t know for sure what it is.

supported independent living

Living life as blind is not easy and disability support services can always start at home. In this case, people with this kind of disability can also be the reason as a support of their independent living.

In all the other disabilities, this might be one of the most common to thousands or even millions of people.  What we assume to be total darkness that blind people see turns out to be a big misconception.

How do babies or people who are born as blind really tell what they can perceive right if it’s really just a spacious black or something that is colorful? Interesting isn’t it?

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